Hi! I'm Mark,

I struggled for years with light sensitivity and insomnia and every time I shopped for blackout fabric I could not find high-quality options without getting something custom or spending a fortune.

Most of the blackout curtains I saw on the market were coated with toxic (but cheap) chemicals while processing. I wanted something that was: PFAS-free, OKEO-TEX® certified, and true 100% Blackout. I started looking in big-name stores, then home furnishers, and finally started emailing their suppliers for some answers.

Blackout 'experts' told me what I wanted was not possible for everyday consumers and to give up trying. I disagreed, dropped everything, and Sleepout was founded with a mission to create the worlds best blackout curtains.

  • Year 1

    In 2021, we quit our jobs and started to setup our unique manufacturing process. We told our story and broke new ground by crowdfunding our first product, the newly invented Sleepout® Portable Blackout curtain using our own Sleepout Fabric. 

  • Year 2

    In 2022, we launched the Sleepout® Curtains online store and upgraded our product to the Sleepout® Portable 2.0. All of you asked for us to make traditional Home curtains so we began working on something new...

  • Year 3

    In 2023, we launched Sleepout® Home Blackout Curtains, traditional pocket curtains made from Sleepout® Fabric, we sold out of stock immediately and 4 more times that year. We appeared on Good Morning America and became the most recommended blackout curtain by sleep experts.

  • Amazing Quality

    We know it’s important to find the best for your family. We will always use the highest quality materials and work closely with our partners to go above and beyond what's possible.

  • Ease of Use

    It can be a hassle to measure, custom order, and install window coverings.

    Sleepout makes it easy with our team of Blackout experts, here for lifetime product support.

  • People First

    Sleepout® is built by real people you can chat with. If you have a question for our founding team, just let us know and you can speak directly with them.

Sleepout is revolutionizing the Blackout Industry

Our products go from Sleepout Headquarters to your doorstep – delivered for free. This lets us cut down on retail costs and offer premium blackout curtains at a fraction of the price.

Until Sleepout, premium blackout fabric has only ever been available through home furnishing providers that charge unfair prices and take months to deliver. On the other hand, the common blackout curtains available at big-name stores aren’t even fully blackout, contain PFAS and toxic other chemicals that off-gas into homes.

Since our first year in business, Sleepout has been the most search blackout curtain and the highest rated fabric.

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Sleepout® Blackout Fabric blocks 100% of light while being OEKO-TEX® certified. Other so-called "blackout" fabrics usually only block 70-80% of light.

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