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Sleepout® Home Preorder

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A patented, adjustable rod and OEKO-TEX® 100% blackout curtain system engineered for the best sleep.

Sleepout Home is the first curtain rod fully designed to block out light gaps at the top and sides to bring you complete darkness.

Sleepout Home completely darkens any room using proprietary, 100% blackout material, allowing you to achieve a deeper, more restorative sleep. The complete darkness people experience with Sleepout Curtains is truly unparalleled. Get ready to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling truly refreshed!

Sleepout Home is a massive improvement over traditional wrap-around rods that leave light gaps everywhere. We’ve specially designed the Sleepout Home Curtains and the Sleepout Rod to make sure there are no light gaps on the top and sides. The pockets on the curtains mean even the rod will be covered in blackout fabric, leaving no chance any light can shine through! This is the best curtain and rod combination we have ever seen at making a room the perfect dark environment for sleep!

Using a patent-pending design, the Sleepout Rod closes the gaps at the top and sides of your window for complete darkness. Each Sleepout Bracket has side notches to tuck fabric and block side light gaps leaving you with complete darkness. Finally.

Sleepout Home eliminates the need for you to purchase multiple rods and curtain sizes to fit different windows.

  • The Sleepout Home set adjusts from 44” to 84” to fit most window sizes.

  • For very large windows, Sleepout Home sets can be put side by side for a complete blackout effect.

We worked for a full year with our manufacturer to develop ThermaGuard™ technology to help with heat and sound. Every Sleepout Curtain is made with a special cotton ecru flocking on the back to reflect the light from the sun and a special pass during the weaving process to keep your room cool in the summer (about 5-9°F) and warm in the winter while blocking out annoying street noises that can cause early wakeups.

Most people don’t realize that 30% of heating and cooling energy is lost through windows each year. In summer, an astonishing amount of heat in the home (76%) is from sunlight hitting windows. Sleepout Home’s thermal insulating capability can save the average family of four up to US$400/CA$515 per year in energy costs. Save money, without thinking about it!

We understand that some people don’t want to install a new curtain rod! Sleepout Home Panels are made with wide pockets to ensure a great fit on any curtain rod you have at home. Simply add your Sleepout Home Curtains directly onto your current curtain rod for better sleep!

We made sure Sleepout Home would stop all the light, even at the top and sides of your window. The Sleepout Home Curtain rod is designed on an angle that uses gravity to block the top light gaps, and the brackets have notches to keep the curtains flush with the wall and light outside where it should be!

Most blackout curtains are made with various harmful chemicals during a laminating process that off gas into homes when heated. Sleepout Home meets the rigorous standards of both OEKO-TEX® and Greenguard® meaning every Sleepout Curtain is clean enough to have in your bedroom. No other blackout fabric we know of meets both certifications to prevent chemicals and toxins from entering the home.