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Added 1 extra hour to our sleep

We have put these up and our 20 month old is sleeping 1 hour more a day, they are great!

Total Darkness

Work perfectly.

Helped with our little one's sleep

My 2 month old son kept waking up at 5am, screaming for no reason (suspect he was still tired but unable to sleep). I ordered the portable sleepout curtains after a failed attempt with a cheaper alternative from amazon. As we are renting, I didn't want to put holes in the wall that I'll have to fix or pay for when I move out. I am so pleased with these curtains! After installing, our little one has consistently woken up after 7:30am, no longer screaming. He's getting much better sleep and so are we. I also love that they have no chemical smell. Cannot recommend these curtains enough!

Works great on our primary bedroom window with weird dimensions!

Got this because our 2.5 month old is sleeping in our room and the blinds don't block out enough light but I didn't want to try and find perfect blackout curtains since the baby won't be in our room long term. This was the perfect solution! Since the day I put it up he's slept 8.5 hours a night!

Great product

It’s been a great purchase. They work wonders and have helped my kids sleep longer in the morning.

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0

They blackout the light

The curtains do block the light. I just ordered the tabs to stick the curtains to the wall since light comes through on the sides. I definitely recommend buying those with the curtains. I’m still waiting for my tabs to come in the mail.



Love! So easy and handy to have. Makes going for a sleepover with a baby so much less stressful!

Good investment

Baby found it hard to nap, but this curtain helped a lot.

Amazing & 100% worth the money

I was using a cheap Amazon suction cup black out curtain, it was made of plastic and you had to pull on the curtain to unstick suction cups causing the grommets to rip out. And the room was just always dark because putting it up and down was a pain. Sleep out is so easy to use, you can put up the curtain fast and unvelcro it easy to let light back in. Also the fabric is heavy and looks nice vs gross black plastic. We have hanging blackout curtains but light leaks around the sides and at top but because skeepout suction /Velcro has a curve in it lught really stays out.

Travel essential for any parents with a newborn

I purchased these for traveling to ensure our newborn had a dark room to sleep in especially for daytime napping. I am extremely satisfied with this product. One of our spare suction cups didn’t work but I contacted customer service and they have now sent a replacement set in the mail. Excellent customer service.

It works great for our family.

Very Helpful!

Finally caved in and tried these out after numerous Instagram ads. I use them every day and they really make my nursery dark! I love these because we can take them with us to friends houses, vacationas and grandma and grandpas! Thank you Sleepout!


Truly are what they say they are. My sons room looks like the dead of night when I put him down for his nap midday now and he is finally napping for longer periods in his crib!

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0


I ordered these in the US and had my sister carry them half way around the world to Australia because all my research said they were the best in the world. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!
They are super portable so all our holidays are now sorted!
It used to be so stressful travelling with kids not knowing what the sleep environment will be like, I love going on holidays now, as I know I will actuality get some rest too!
Cannot recommend them highly enough!

Baby is getting sleep

I love this product. Really darkens the room. My baby is finally sleeping longer. During the winter it helped keep in. There is some light leakage along the sides and bottom. I bought extra suctions, but I tuck the curtains on the window sill along the bottom and it’s good blackout.

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Victoria F. (United States)
Great Product for Babies & Todders!

Such an amazing product. I'm not sure if it's worth the price tag but it's very functional and extremely better looking than any DIY method we've used to black out our daughter's bedroom. I would definitely re-purchase another set next time there is a big sale. I just wish it came with extra clips or velcro straps to use on the lower part of the window.

Super helpful!

These curtains really do block out the light! Daughter sleeps so much better when they are in use. I love that they are portable so I can take them when I travel. They are super easy to install and look nice as well. One thing I would add to these is some sort of Velcro to the sides so the light doesn’t peek out. I am using tape currently. Otherwise, great purchase!

Love the darkness

Absolutely love how dark this makes the nursery! Only wish it came with more suction cups for the window!

Great black out curtains.....

These are very good blackout curtains. I would give them a 5 star rating but because of the structure of my windows, I could not know with certainty if they would block all the light. It would be helpful to include more than two window suction attachments (I ordered extras or I wouldn't have been able to block all the light). Also the extra velcro-like stick ons are needed to achieve full black out. I'll need to order more also. Overall this is a great product.

The best purchase!

These have been the best purchase for my sons room. The curtains are so easy to assemble and completely block the Sun! I am so glad I made this purchase


We had regular blackout curtains and a solid sleep routine for our little one — she was sleeping 3-6 hour stretches at a time which we thought was “good enough” for her age. I wasn’t sure about the cost of Sleepout curtains but finally after reading nonstop 5-star reviews in a sleep deprived stupor, I went for it. Best decision I’ve ever made. Our daughter is now sleeping 8 hour stretches at night, longer naps, and sleeping in past 6am! They are so easy to hang and take down. The suction cups are heavy duty and don’t fall. My husband and I are OBSESSED and I can’t stop raving to all of my friends. I’m really grateful for a quality product that actually works. Can’t recommend these highly enough.