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Perfect for babies!

Our 5 month old has slept in a bassinet or crib in our bedroom since he was born. We finally ordered the sleep out curtains a couple weeks ago and started seeing the impact immediately. Our baby will give us an extra hour+ these days. I ended up ordering 2 more! The suction cups work great so you can move them from one bedroom to bedroom if they sleep in their nursery during the day. Love this product!

Extra Sleepout® Suction Cups (2)
Emma W. (United States)

Great product

Sleepout® Home
Alanna K. (Canada)
Best blackout curtains ever!!

I only wish I ordered them sooner! My little one is finally sleeping better thanks to a true dark room!!

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0

Sleepout® Home
Emily W. (United States)
Seriously blackout AND NICE!

Bought these to black out our bedroom since our newborn is sleeping in there with us and will be distracted by ANY sliver of light. They not only look like nice quality curtains but they ACTUALLY black out the room. They are heavy and even though there’s only 2 colors to choose from (guessing they will make more!?) the creme color is a perfect neutral!

Works great

We tried SO many different things to get my son’s room dark enough. Wish I had bought these shades sooner. They work amazingly. I bought two more for my own room! Highly recommend

Sleepout® Home
Annie W. (United States)
Most satisfied

I can't be more satisfied with customer support. Answers and information was provided quickly. The products are top of the line too!

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0

Great idea.

A friend told me about these so I got a pair. Sure dies the trick for keeping grandsons room dark.

Great product, suctions cups work great.

Great product, suctions cups work great. Appreciate that they have velcro on two sides. Thumbs up.

We love these curtains

We've been totally satisfied with the Sleepout portable blackout curtains. So much easier and more effective than trying to create a dark room for my visiting grandbabies than piecing together things on hand. Thank you!

Better than I thought!

I was hesitant to spend the money on these. But I bought them for vacation when I saw there were only blinds in the rental home. My girl slept better than she has at home! So we hung them up in her room when we got back as well and she is still sleeping longer. Very easy to use.

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Courtney R. (United States)
Wish we’d bought them sooner!

We’ve used the slumber pod for a couple of years but needed something different after my son outgrew the pack and play. Honestly wish we’d bought these sooner - so easy to use and very effective! We’ll use these for years. Also helped regulate the temperature in a cabin we stayed in that would have otherwise been very hot. Win-win!

Seriously blackout!!

I bought the portable blackout curtains for my sons nursery and what a game changer!! Very impressed with how dark they made his room. I also love that we can take them anywhere when we travel or visit the grandparents!!

Love love!

I ordered these to help our baby sleep for naps and at night and we couldn’t be happier. Having the room completely dark has made a huge difference. My husband and I have also enjoyed how dark and cool it makes our room.

Awesome purchase!

Love the sleep out curtains, our little girl has been napping much better with them!!

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Daniella T. (United States)
Amazing blackout effect, very easy to use.

These are great in every way. Highly recommended for anyone wanting a blackout curtain.

Love these!

These curtains made it super easy for us to create a dark room while traveling for our babies daytime naps and before sunset bedtime. Easy to put up and easy to pack up when it was time to leave. Highly recommend!

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0

Sleepout® Home
Barbara C. (United States)
Difference is like night and day!

Having family members that work night shifts and split shifts, having blackout curtains became a necessity. Bought the travel set and the travel set is easy to temporarily install and adjust to block out light, and then remove to be able to enjoy an open window and some light.. Bought a home set for the main bedroom, and it makes huge difference. The home set is stylish and blends well with room decor.

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0

One happy mama!

From Eco conscious packaging to brilliant design (suction & velcro)! Love the carrying case and the fact that it actually makes my son’s room DARK. Thank you!

The best blackout curtain

An influencer I love shared these curtains so I decided to buy one. I wish I would have bought the 4 pack. Seriously, so easy, portable, and well made.


So we installed “black out” shade but we had light peeking through. So then we installled this l brackets to block more light… still wasn’t dark enough. So then we got these other blackout velcro shades and it just wasn’t enough. I finally caved and got these and holy cow… the first night we had such better sleep and no 5am wake up! Naps are so much easier and wow, why did I wait so long? We also got the 2 pack, so I’ve got my second ready for our next adventure! 5 stars here! Thanks Sleepout!


These blackout curtains are truly just that... black. out. Since we bought them, sleep during vacation is so much easier and we don’t have to worry about waking up early due to sunlight! I’m not sure why I waited so long to order, because these are amazing!