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High Quality product

This is a really nice curtain and easy to hang on the window with the large suction cups.

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Mercedes G. (United States)
bought 2 more

Had 1 portable curtain for my baby's room and it was perfect. Kept it nice and dark during day naps and blocked outdoor lighting at night time. We have since moved and his new room has 2 large windows, one of which faces my neighbors' very sensitive sensored FLOOD LIGHT! I bought 2 more right away, 1 for his second window and one more for our room because I enjoy pitch black darkness for sleep as well. Seems expensive off the bat, but they truly block out light, unlike "traditional" hanging black out curtains. Worth every penny once you put them to use. Thanks!

Not disappointed

Happy with the purchase, complete black out

Buh bye security lights!

I was skeptical, but these curtains work! I have neighbors using bright security lights all night and angled right at my bedroom windows. I tried blackout curtain, shades, & etc , but to no avail. These portable curtains do the trick and my room is dark. Looking forward to using them in vacation rentals as well. Don't hesitate, reclaim your sleep environment!

A heartfelt thank you from moms

Hello Sleepout,
As a mom with sleep troubles myself, getting my children to sleep is a top priority. When they sleep better life is better. I wish sleepout had been around when my first child was born but I'm grateful they are around for the second baby and my now toddler. This is a must have for moms who prioritize sleep. We bought 4 now for each bedroom in the house and we all sleep amazing. I couldn't recommend higher. Will be buying for any baby showers I go to

Very Effective

Easy to install. No light shines through.

Dark as night

Simple concept genius design
Miracle curtain makes my Grandson sleep at Mimi’s house a dream
Thank you 🙏🏻


It took less than a couple minutes to put them up and it was instantly dark. I can sleep with any light so needless to say the first day we put this up I was able to sleep in for the first time till 11 am!! When you have a 6 month old taking a chance to sleep in is necessary and these curtains hands down did it for me.. plus the fact I can take them with me and they have their own compact carrying pouch is a plus. Will be taking them with me when I visit my mom who doesn’t have curtains installed in her guest rooms yet. I also bought these for my sons room and it’s pitch black in there so his naps are amazing.

They were great. A street lamp shines in my guest bedroom windows. My guests had no trouble sleeping with the blackout curtains! Thank you.

Easy to install!

These work, plain and simple. Pop the suction cups on, Velcro the curtain on, and it’s done. Easy to remove. They don’t look too good if the window is on the front of the house, but oh well. If it lets a sleeping infant sleep, it’s a win.

Sleep out not only produced a great product to black out our nursery area but their customer support was superb!

Works Great!

Our guest bedroom has blinds that do not block light well. But we love the clean look of the blinds and did not want to hang curtains. These work so well for nights when grandchildren sleepover. First morning light is blocked and they can sleep in a bit. Very easy & durable. Thank you!

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Gretchen H. (United States)
Great product!

I ordered the Sleepout Portable Blackout Ccurtains to make the extra room in our house dark so our grandbabies would be able to take good naps and sleep well at our house. They are easy to set up and did the trick; the room is now dark and cozy!

Hard to cover area!

A set of sleep out curtains/2 panels with velcro 6 suction cups, perfectly covers my oversized sliding glass door. Easy to put up and easier to take down. No rods in the wall and great for keep the light out. Great purchase.

Sleepout Curtain

Exactly what I needed when I watch my granddaughters! Easy to use! Works like a Champ! Wish I had it when my kids were young!


I am using the right now on vacation and they are fantastic at keeping all light out.

Extra Sleepout® Suction Cups (2)
Sissy G. (United States)

Extra Sleepout® Suction Cups (2)

Amazing product!!

Love love love this product. We’ve struggled as new parents making sure that the room was dark enough. We tried blackout curtains which were oddly not dark enough. We tried construction paper under those curtains to help, and that did for a while, until the curtains moved. Ha! We’ve tried liners, construction paper, and blackout curtains and light still was seen, and the room was dark enough. Fast forward to now, I decided to try these sleep curtains and I must say they are super easy to install, great quality, and get the job done. Can’t wait to buy more and put up in my other kid’s room!

Perfect for babies!

Our 5 month old has slept in a bassinet or crib in our bedroom since he was born. We finally ordered the sleep out curtains a couple weeks ago and started seeing the impact immediately. Our baby will give us an extra hour+ these days. I ended up ordering 2 more! The suction cups work great so you can move them from one bedroom to bedroom if they sleep in their nursery during the day. Love this product!

Extra Sleepout® Suction Cups (2)
Emma W. (United States)

Great product

Best blackout curtains ever!!

I only wish I ordered them sooner! My little one is finally sleeping better thanks to a true dark room!!

The Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0

Sleepout® Home Blackout Curtain
Emily W. (United States)
Seriously blackout AND NICE!

Bought these to black out our bedroom since our newborn is sleeping in there with us and will be distracted by ANY sliver of light. They not only look like nice quality curtains but they ACTUALLY black out the room. They are heavy and even though there’s only 2 colors to choose from (guessing they will make more!?) the creme color is a perfect neutral!

Works great

We tried SO many different things to get my son’s room dark enough. Wish I had bought these shades sooner. They work amazingly. I bought two more for my own room! Highly recommend

Sleepout® Home Blackout Curtain
Annie W. (United States)
Most satisfied

I can't be more satisfied with customer support. Answers and information was provided quickly. The products are top of the line too!