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Complete darkness and a cooler bedroom

Incredibly easy to use and portable. What more can you ask for? Didn’t realize they also keep the room cooler during the day.

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Thankful M. (United States)
Home and travel sleep assistant

I purchased these specifically for my now 3 year old who is learning to sleep in a big boy bed. I noticed a difference in his ability to relax/calm more quickly and stay asleep since using these at home. Likewise, we took these on a 5 day vacation away from home (over the 4th of July) and although there was not glass to attach the suction cups to I simply used some food storage type clips to hang the curtains from a metal rod and they definitely blocked out more light and sound than with out. I was VERY glad I brought them. Day time naps went MUCH BETTER than I expected and I truly believe the darkened room played a huge role in that success.

Better than the best!

These blackout curtains are superb! They are easy to put up and take down which I do every morning because it truly makes the room black. My little one sleeps through the sunrise every morning and falls asleep quickly! I am so glad I bought these!

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Ashley N. (United States)
Great product

Love the quality of the curtains and ease of setup. I only wish it came with 4 clips instead of two as the sides of the curtain can fold in at the bottoms and let light in

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Gloria M. (United States)

I love that it is light in weight BUT total black out!

Expensive but effective

They work very well. My12 week old is now sleeping later in the morning. I got the portable ones because we have custom curtains and these can go behind the fancy curtains during sleep times without sacrificing my design! Very effective at blocking out light. I cleaned my windows of dust and the suction cups stuck really well after that.

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Monica M. (United States)
Why did I wait so long??

Love my Sleepout shades. They work. Being a night shift nurse, I could have used these a long time ago. Glad I found you!

Super helpful

Sleepout’s curtains have been fantastic to use while we are traveling. They are so easy to install & work super well. I just wish they weren’t so expensive. I’d love to order more.

Buna babysitter

Had to convert our master bedroom into a dark sleeping area for our grandkids on occasion and this is great


Love them! Perfect size for travel and they work great

Excellent they are everything the ad says !!

Almost Perfect

I ordered two portable blackout curtains. They are extremely well-made, and they are packaged beautifully in little pouches. The only issue I’ve encountered is that two suction cups are not strong enough to hold the curtain. The cups slid down the window. I used the two suction cups from the second curtain I ordered to hold the one curtain up.

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Christina (United States)
The Sleepout is incredible!

Not only is the sleepout incredibly easy to install, it is also more effective than another other blackout curtain that I’ve tried for my baby’s room. It’s also very easy to take down, adjust and/or travel with.

Extra Sleepout® Suction Cups (2)
Jacqueline W. (United States)

Extra Sleepout® Suction Cups (2)

That solution you've been dying to find? This is it.

Wow. I was getting desperate in my new apartment room. This apartment came with a thin shade, not even blinds, that did nothing to keep light out. And in the Northwest where sunrise is at 5:20, my precious sleep was obliterated. I tried eye masks (uncomfortable) tension rods (fell down), I even wrapped my comforter over the blinds (too much effort). Sleepout is THE thing to do. I don't know how those suction cups are that strong, I really don't. But it's secure, blacks out ALL light, and so easy to set up! Plus, the color is stylish and doesnt clash with my decor. If you're on the fence, don't be.

Loveee, highly recommend

Have ordered the portable curtains from them twice for my both my children’s rooms. The curtains are big enough for large windows and very easy to put up . Keeps the heat out, nice and dark. They don’t wake up during storms and are able to take long naps during the day. Highly recommend!


My former black out curtains were letting off a burning plastic smell when the sun hit them. It was so bad the smell would wake me up and make it hard to breathe. I looked online for hours trying to find an alternative. That’s when I ran across sleepout curtains. They don’t smell when the sun hits them and they are certified free of harmful chemicals. They keep the room dark which is what I needed them for. They are worth the money. Thank you for an amazing product!


Love the curtain, it really works! Quick to install, and very effective! I recommend buying it.

Huge Difference!

I bought these for a trip, but they didn't arrive in time. We decided to put one up in our bedroom at home to test it out. In the summer months it gets dark so late and it's been making bedtime a little hard for our 1 year old. The curtains are awesome! He's finally back to sleeping until 7am. We are looking forward to being able to use these on our next trip!

Great blackouts!

Great alternative for summer light and keeping your little asleep those extra 30/45 minutes when the sun rises at 5:30!

Great product

I absolutely love these. I purchased to use for baby on the move but also use them in my spa treatment rooms to cover the windows for quiet time facials. They are perfect and are less than two minutes to suction to window and adjust drapes to completely block out the light.

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Doreen D. (United States)
Summers with 8 Grandkids!!

The littles finally slept past 6am and we are giving all the credit to Sleepout shades!

Best nap away from home ever!

I cannot say enough about the Sleepout Portable Blackout curtains. Took less than 5 minutes to setup, made the room as dark as night in the middle of the day, and stayed in place the whole time I was away. My daughter sleep over 2 1/2 hours one afternoon! (Honestly, significantly longer than she does at home.) Would recommend to anyone looking for an easy way to support deep and restful sleep for their little one.

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Jacqueline W. (United States)
Thank god for sleepout

Helped our baby through sleep regressions and sleeping 8 or 9 hours at night! Only recommendation is to order extra suction cups or for them to include an additional one.

They seem to work well

Was very easy to put up with