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Easy to put up

Love that they’re non toxic. Easy and fast to put up!

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Marcela F. (United States)

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0

Works really well

Better than any other that claim to be black out
These ARE black out!

Block the sun well

The portable curtain is great. They would be better if they came with three suction cups rather than two.

Wonderful product!

I have loved this product for when my grandson sleeps over. The sleep out blind is easy to install and is thick enough to black out a room.

Good product - would prefer more customization

The product works as advertised! I only wish I could tailor my curatins to the actual size of my window. It doesn't look good.

Great product

The curtains are great for temporary darkening of sleep area. My daughter uses them and works really well when she has extra company. I thought I could use them to block the sun in my living room but it didn’t work for me. They are very well made and I do think they are a great idea.

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Jenine M. (United States)
pretty good

we love that these are non toxic and we ordered the limited edition white/cream color which is really pretty. The only reason we take off one star is because the suction cups don't always stay up which obviously defeats the purpose. It's a bit frustrating and we even ordered extra suction cups. Other then them occasionally falling down we LOVE these blackout curtains.

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Summer R. (United States)
I don’t know how they did it

I’ve tried so many diy’s and “blackout” curtains, but this is a noticeable difference. I personally think the travel ones are the way to go. We use it mostly in our daughters bedroom, but when we go to our nanas house it’s quick and easy to pop them off and bring them to her house for naps. Simple, easy, genius. You need them. They’re pretty expensive but I truly don’t think you’ll regret it! You’ve already made it this far to read the reviews, you may as well try them risk free.

Sleepout® Adhesive Strips
Shawn H. (Canada)
Adhesive strips

Needed to the weight I found but now I get a great blackout in my kids rooms

Blackout curtains

The material is high quality and blocks out all light. I use them for sliding door windows and there is plenty of material to cover them. installation was real simple and adjustable. Very pleased. Highly recommend.

So easy and effective!

Used cheap black out curtains that had 10 small suction cups for our oddly shaped windows. I love how effective these curtains are because they have just two easy to use suction cups. They are pricy but high quality, easy to use and worth it.

Extra Sleepout® Suction Cups (2)
Debbie N. (United States)
Blackout curtains

I highly recommend these blackout curtains!

Extra Sleepout® Suction Cups (2)
Matt B. (United States)
Didn’t work well with our windows

First off, the suction cups are amazing and held to the windows very strong. The quality of the fabric was great. Unfortunately, this product didn’t work well for our windows. Our top window pane is recessed from the lower window pane. This left gaps on the sides that let light through. I contacted the company and they sent me 2 more suction cups (free) in hopes to fix this issue. Sadly, it did not. I purchased self adhesive Velcro strips which did ultimately make this product work for our window set up.

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Leslianne L.H. (United States)
Just what I needed!

Sleepout works wonderfully in my daughters room, keeps the light out - especially during her daytime naps when the sun is at it's peak in our home.

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0

Great product. Super easy to take on and off the window.

Keeps the sun out

These blackout curtains work very well. They keep the light to a low levee during the day allowing my grandson to nap a little longer. So nice to be able to move from one window to another.

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Jennifer S. (United States)

At first I was shocked by the price, not gonna lie, but when we got them I could see why they are the price they are. AMAZING quality fabric, and they absolutely block out 100% of the light. It's incredible. I love that we can travel with them, and there are four in the pack, so we have enough for everyone. We use them in our room too haha! I am so happy we made the investment into Sleepout!!

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Adelina K. (United States)
Love the quality!

The quality is amazing as well as how easy I can put them on. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s wider then my window (even the shorter side) and it doesn’t look very nice how the corners are hanging over, wish it was more customizable

Drape material great: hanging on sliding windows hard

The blackout drape material rocks, however the suction and Velcro took too long to figure out. We have sliding windows in Canada. This creates an automatic uneven window surface for the drape to Velcro. I used painters tape at the end to seal gaps as it was near impossible to fix with only 2 suction/velcro devices. I don’t know if 3/4 more suctions would help.

Hi Brenda! We do reccomend using an extra set of suction cups for sliding glass windows, our team will send you an email with some more help

Twins are sleeping!!

We were struggling with naps being shorter and shorter and couldn’t find anything that kept all the light out. THIS WORKS!! Our twins are taking longer naps and guess what!? They are sleeping till 7am! I have been struggling with early wake ups for almost 6 months! Not anymore!!!

Better than they said

The reviews were good, almost too good I thought ... However, when the curtains arrived I was impressed immediately, by the outstanding quality curtain material, suction mechanisms and carrying bag. The suction cups are fabulous!! Sturdy and well made, they hold the curtains securely. Definitely recommend purchasing extra suction cup sets, as they do double duty of keeping curtain tight against window ... lastly, the curtains are better than expected, versatile in window coverage (velcro strips horizontal or vertical) for keeping light, sound and heat from entering our south facing bay window) Worth the expense, I highly recommend these curtains!

Extra Sleepout® Suction Cups (2)
emmanuelle w. (United States)
Wonderful product and customer service

I am so happy with the sleep out curtains.
I had 2 defective suction cups, I emailed the company about it and they replaced them immediately . If you fix the blinds properly it is perfectly back out !

Sleepout® Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0
Andrew M. (United States)
The best blackout curtains!

These are simply the best - we have them at home and for travel and they help us and our little one sleep soundly

Super easy

I bought the portable Sleepout curtain and I am impressed so far. It is very easy to use and performs well. I wish we could use it on our rounded window!