How to Attach Blackout Curtains to Wall with Velcro

Are you tired of waking up with the sunrise or struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night? Attaching blackout curtains with Velcro could be the perfect solution to enhance your living environment and improve sleep quality. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to attach blackout curtains to your wall using Velcro, making installation easy, effective, and non-invasive. By the end of this article, you'll have a step-by-step understanding of the process and the tools you need to make your room a peaceful sanctuary.

Why Choose Velcro for Your Blackout Curtains?

Velcro offers a flexible and damage-free method for hanging blackout curtains. This convenient solution is ideal for renters or anyone wanting to avoid drilling holes in the wall. Velcro makes it easier to remove and reposition curtains as needed, offering the ultimate versatility and convenience.

Tools & Materials You'll Need

Gather your materials before starting the project to ensure a smooth installation process. Here’s a list of essential items: Velcro strips, blackout curtains (check out our Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain), a measuring tape, scissors, a level, and cleaning supplies.

Step 1: Measure Your Window

Accurate measurements are crucial for a perfect fit. Measure both the height and width of your window frame, noting these dimensions down. Double-check to ensure precision. This step will help you determine how much Velcro and fabric you need.

Small window with white windows covered with white blackout curtain

Step 2: Prepare the Surface

Clean the window frame or wall area where you'll attach the Velcro. Dust, grime, or moisture can weaken the adhesive, affecting the Velcro’s grip. Use a mild cleaning solution and let the area dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Cut the Velcro

Based on your measurements, cut the Velcro strips into appropriate lengths. Ensure you have ample pieces to provide full coverage along the top, bottom, and sides of the window frame.

Step 4: Attach the Velcro to the Window Frame

Peel the backing off the adhesive side of the Velcro strips and carefully press them onto the cleaned surface along the window frame's perimeter. Use a level to keep the strips straight and even. Press firmly to secure the Velcro in place.

Blacked out window with two black blackout curtains

Step 5: Attach Velcro to the Curtains

Now, attach the corresponding Velcro strips to the edges of your blackout curtains. Make sure that the Velcro on the curtains aligns perfectly with the strips on the window frame. This ensures a snug and seamless fit, maximizing blackout effectiveness.

Step 6: Hang Your Blackout Curtains

Carefully press the curtains against the Velcro on the window frame, starting from one corner and working your way around. Ensure all Velcro is securely fastened to avoid gaps that allow light to seep through.

Optional: Enhance Light Blocking

If there are minor gaps where light seeps in, use additional Velcro strips or sealant tape to cover these areas. This step can be especially helpful for irregular window shapes or old frames with gaps.

Mother putting up sleepout blackout curtains in the room while holding her baby

Tips for Maintaining Your Velcro-Hung Blackout Curtains

To keep your curtains looking and functioning at their best, clean the Velcro strips periodically. Dust and debris can weaken their grip over time, so a quick wipe with a damp cloth can keep them holding strong.

Removal and Repositioning

One of the greatest benefits of using Velcro is the ease of removal and repositioning. To remove, gently peel the curtains away from the wall-mounted Velcro. If you need to reposition, it’s simple to adjust without worrying about leaving marks or holes in your wall.

Case Study: The Sleepout Experience

Consider the experience of Sarah, a new mother who struggled with getting her baby to sleep during the day. After installing Sleepout Home Blackout Curtains with Velcro, she found it much easier to maintain a consistent sleep schedule for her child, free from disruptive daylight.

Mother and baby looking at blackout curtains

Advantages of Sleepout Blackout Curtains

Sleepout's blackout curtains are designed to provide 100% light blockage, ensuring a better sleep environment. They are also designed with high-quality materials that are both durable and easy to care for. Whether you choose portable options or in-home curtains, Sleepout products are engineered for maximum effectiveness and ease of use.

Alternative Uses

Velcro-attached blackout curtains aren’t limited to bedroom windows. They can be used in any room where you need complete darkness, such as media rooms or nurseries. The versatility of Velcro allows for easy changes as your needs evolve.

Eco-friendly Benefits

Blackout curtains contribute to energy savings by insulating your windows, keeping the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter. By using Velcro instead of nails or screws, you also maintain wall integrity, reducing the need for repairs and potential waste.

Before and after applying the sleepout blackout curtains. The room to the right is much darker.

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal

Velcro doesn’t just offer functionality; it also keeps your installation sleek and tidy. With no visible hardware, the focus remains on the elegant design of the blackout curtains, seamlessly blending with your interior decor.

Customer Testimonials

Emily, a satisfied Sleepout customer, shares, “Using Velcro to hang my blackout curtains was a game-changer. The room is now completely dark, and I love that I didn’t have to drill into my walls!”

Final Thoughts and Key Takeaways

In conclusion, attaching blackout curtains to your wall with Velcro is a straightforward, damage-free, and versatile solution for achieving a perfectly dark space. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can enhance your sleep quality, enjoy improved energy efficiency, and keep your home looking pristine. Whether you're dealing with early morning light or creating the ideal environment for your little one, Velcro-attached blackout curtains from Sleepout offer the solution you need.

Ready to transform your space? Start by exploring our range of products, such as the Sleepout Home Blackout Curtains, to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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