Effective Soundproofing: Choosing the Best Curtains for a Quieter Home

Urban living has its perks, but noise isn't one of them. If the din of traffic, neighborhood chatter, or city nightlife disrupts your peace, then soundproofing might be at the top of your wishlist. While there are many ways to mitigate unwanted noise, one of the simplest and most aesthetic adaptations involves choosing the right curtains. Soundproof curtains can significantly reduce noise levels, making your living space quieter and more serene.

Understanding Soundproof Curtains

Although often met with skepticism, soundproof curtains do contribute to a quieter environment. These curtains are typically made from dense, heavy fabrics like velvet, suede, or polyester with a tightly woven structure that dampens sound waves. By absorbing and blocking sound, these curtains help to create a more controlled acoustic environment inside your room.

Key Qualities of Effective Soundproof Curtains

To select effective soundproof curtains, pay attention to a few crucial attributes:

  • Material: The thicker and denser the material, the better it can absorb sound. Fabrics with a mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) layer are particularly effective for sound dampening.
  • Weight: Heavier curtains will generally be more effective at reducing noise.
  • Coverage: Curtains that extend well beyond the window frame and reach the floor will cover more surface area and, therefore, catch more soundwaves.
  • Installation: Properly installed curtains that flush against the wall added to their effectiveness in soundproofing. Ensure there are minimal gaps through which sound can travel.

The Benefits of Blackout Curtains

While exploring soundproof curtains, another option to consider is blackout curtains. These don’t only block out light but can also help mute incoming noises. Because of their thickness and heavy fabric, blackout curtains offer a two-fold benefit—privacy and a barrier against noise.

Grey Blackout Curtains

At Sleepout, our Home Blackout Curtains provide substantial reduction in noise levels, destined to improve the tranquility in your home. Not only designed for noise reduction, they also excel in completely blocking out light, making your environment perfect for a good night’s sleep regardless of external lighting conditions.

Soundproofing Beyond Curtains

Although adding the right curtains is a significant first step, total soundproofing may require additional strategies:

  • Sealing gaps around doors and windows can further prevent noise leakage.
  • Adding thick rugs and soft furnishings will absorb sound within the room.
  • Double glazing windows is a more permanent, but highly effective strategy against noise penetration.

Tips for Choosing and Installing Soundproof Curtions

When purchasing soundproof or blackout curtains like those offered by Sleepout, keeping several factors in mind will ensure optimal performance:

  1. Measure your windows precisely to ensure the curtains can cover extra space around the window frame to prevent sound leaks.
  2. Consider layering curtains for enhanced sound absorption and insulation.
  3. Regular maintenance and cleaning are vital to keep your curtains effective at soundproofing and clean from dust and pollutants.


Introducing soundproof or blackout curtains into your home not only enhances privacy and improves sleep quality but contributes significantly to a peaceful indoor environment. Explore the Sleepout range of blackout curtains and take a solid step towards reclaiming your acoustic space, making your home a sanctuary of quiet and comfort.

For more information on our range, visit Sleepout Home Blackout Curtains and discover how simple adjustments in your home decor can provide profound improvements to your living environment.

Mother installing blackout curtains
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