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Amazing product!

My toddler sleeps almost two hours longer in the morning now!!!

Amazing for First Responders

This product is simply amazing. As a recently retired first responder, and one that is married to a first responder, this dark out curtain is essential to getting a good sleep during the day. As a shift worker we need darkness to get a proper sleep so we can function safely during our night shifts. Sleepout is the answer, it creates total darkness and installs in minutes. Mark and Hannah are dedicated to their customers and have a genuine interest in your satisfaction.
This is a 5-Star product.

Works great

Bought this for our nursery to replace the grocery bags used to block out light from the large window. Really quick & easy to install, blocks out light really well, and looks a lot better too.


Couldn’t be happier with this blackout solution!!!! It was so easy to put up on our double sliding windows. Love that it came with the to-go carrier. While searching for blackout curtain solutions, I was mostly worried that the suction cups wouldn’t hold-up…but these are amazing…they’ve been hanging for 2 weeks now - and there’s no wiggle in the suction cups whatsoever.
We rent our house, so these are the perfect solution for us!
Thank you!

great product

I've used this product once already since purchasing, and I do not regret my purchase! It was super easy to use, worked very well for my son (19 months) while traveling. Highly recommend if you have a child who is sensitive to light when sleeping. Really brilliant invention!

The best curtains!

Love these curtains! my daughter is finally sleeping past the early summer morning sunrises!

It’s definitely helpful!!

The majority of my sons room is blocked out which is great! Mine did not come with the pads which I think would help secure the sides a bit better to make it 100% blocked. I see that it says to use them but haven’t been able to locate where they are or how to purchase. I definitely recommend though. Thank you!

Great customer service

Our suction cups didn’t work and I was very disappointed, but the teams response was quick and they immediately came to a solution. As a small company I know it’s tough at times but I appreciate their personal touch to customer service and making it right!

Exactly what we needed!

This product was exactly what we needed to achieve complete darkness in the baby's room. It is super easy to put up/take down and is exactly as advertised. My only "criticism" would be that there is a ton of extra fabric on the curtain that is not needed. Would be nice to have different sizes to choose from for all sorts of windows. Overall, it's an amazing product and we have already recommended to our friends and family.

works like a charm!

pretty pricey but very effective in my baby's room - i was tired of researching different solutions and given that we rent was not inclined to replace the blinds. i like that i can take this curtain with me when we travel.

Works great!

Super easy to hang up and it blocks out a ton of light. Love that we can travel with these, too!

Super effective blackout curtains

I'm a huge believer in making my kids' rooms as dark as possible. We actually use the SlumberPod homebase for my daughter, but she learned to stick her hand through the bottom, which made me realize we needed a way to make her room darker too. The SleepOut is super effective and I love that we can change the direction if we were to travel and had wider windows. Buying another set for my son!

Traveling with 3 children under 4

I bought these becuas when we travel to rental homes and to our ranch they do not have black out curtains like our house so napping is always a struggle and our children wake up as soon as the sun rises. These curtains are absolutely genius making our most recent trip a dream. Nap time was easy and the children slept until a normal hour. Perfect product for travel compact and easy to install.

Best thing ever!

We need blackout curtains esp when we travel. So many resorts do not have complete blackout so these are so easy to pack and bring with you anywhere! We love it! We did notice though that you need to put it down and pack it in the mornings and put it back up every night because the suction cups will fall over time. When this happens, we simply wet the suction cups to adhere to the glass better. It works like a charm! Thank you sleepout curtains! Life changing for travel! 🥰 as you can see we are at the beach and the resort only had blinds that does not completely block out the sun in the morning.

Better but not perfect

I think this is more because of the size and shape of my windows but light is not fully blocked. If there were additional size options maybe something smaller would fit better. Overall I have noticed better sleep with less light pollution

Black out is real

The black out feature is awesome, helped a ton in our sons nursery and for on the go when we visit family. The suction cup attachments are quick and easy. Install was straight forward and fast. Only negative is that the sleep pads the block out light on the edges of the window could be better. We constantly pushing the curtains back. But all in all great product.

Better Night's Sleep

The Sleepout curtain portability makes it possible to travel and ensure a good night's sleep. Sleeping away from home can be difficult for two reasons...noise and light. The Sleepout curtain removes the worry about sunlight creating sleep problems. This is especially helpful for babies and young children who rely on a dark environment to sleep. Having this product solved a lot of my anxiety about making sure my kids could sleep soundly in any location.

High quality curtain that blacks out light 100% if used with the sleepout pads. Very happy with my purchase

Works great!

Besides doing a great job of keeping the room nice and dark, the curtains also come with suction cups, sticky strips, and velcro to allow a wide range of ways to attach and secure to your window(s). I love the flexibility!

Easy to set up

We use this in our twins’ nursery. We bought this brand because I only wanted to spend money on one really good product, and it was a bonus that we could pack it up and travel with it easily. Another bonus is that this helps to block out heat in a sunny room and some noise.
It is extremely easy to set up, and I’d say it blocks 98% of light without using the pads. I just choose not to use them, so I can easily take down for travel. My boys’ sleep isn’t affected because it works so well anyways.
If I would change one thing about the product, it would be to somehow make it able to adjust the size. These are quite large (you can look up the dimensions). I actually like how big they are because who knows how big a window can be when traveling, but I’d like to choose to make them smaller at home. They drag on our floor. Not a huge deal
because they’re covered by our decorative curtains, but I feel bad that such a nice product is bunching up on the floor.

Sleepout curtain

We are so happy with our blackout curtain. It has worked so well with getting the sleep we need. I also love how easy it is to put up and to put back into the carry case so we can bring it on trips. I highly recommend one and will definitely get another.

Love how much light is prevents from coming through

Love how easy it is to set up and prevent the light from coming in. It's perfect for the naps my kids take during the day.

Perfect for baby room

We absolutely love the convenience of the suction cups making it easy and quick to install when we travel and no damage to my walls. The curtain itself blocks out so much light and makes the room really dark and helps keep the cool air in and the hot air out. Perfect for privacy and sleeping babies!

Finally getting some sleep!

My middle daughter has always been an early riser since the day she was born. The sleepout curtain is a game changer! For the last few days, I have had to wake her up for school after 8! I am in shock and super happy that she is finally getting the sleep she needs and so I am!