Sleepout vs Humwig: A Comparison of Portable Blackout Curtains

Sleepout vs Humwig: A Comparison of Portable Blackout Curtains

Ensuring complete darkness for a restful night's sleep or a daytime nap is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Portable blackout curtains are the perfect solution, offering flexibility and convenience. In this blog post, we compare Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains and Humwig Curtains. Although both serve the same fundamental purpose, we will highlight the remarkable attributes of Sleepout Curtains that set them apart as the ultimate sleep aid.

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Dissecting Features: Competitor Curtains and My Portable Blackout Curtains

Features Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains Humwig
Dimensions 52" x 76" 118" x 57"
Material Thermaguard™ fabric: cotton flocking and soft microfibre finish UV-resistant Oxford cloth with coated silver
Weight 0.88 kg  .53 kg
Mounting Method Longway and Widthwise Inside Mount
Special Features 100% Blackout, Sound Blocking, Thermally Insulated, Non-Toxic  Blackout
Additional Inclusions Carrying bag, BPA-free industrial-strength suction cups 30 pairs of Hook and Loop Strips, Measuring ruler, Storage bag, 40 inch hook and loop strips
Cleaning Instructions Machine wash cold, machine dry on delicate cycle Spot Clean 

portable blackout curtains

A Deeper Examination of Noteworthy Features

Although both Sleepout and Humwig curtains promise a full blackout experience, there are several elements where Sleepout decidedly outperforms Humwig. This in-depth comparison elucidates the varying aspects, setting Sleepout as the superior choice for customers.

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The Remarkable Qualities of Superior Portable Blackout Curtains

Sleepout blackout curtains boast of a unique fabric blend called Thermaguard™. This exceptional material is a composite of cotton flocking and a supple microfiber finish. It's engineered not just to provide absolute light blocking capabilities, but it also doubles as an effective heat and sound barrier. This dual functionality significantly enhances the overall utility of the Sleepout curtains and puts them leagues ahead of Humwig curtains, which are limited to offering light obstruction alone.

To add to their allure, Sleepout curtains are OEKO-TEX®, SGS®, and Greenguard® certified. This is an assurance that they are completely non-toxic and entirely free from any harmful substances, providing users with the peace of mind that their health and safety are of utmost importance.

High Quality Blackout Curtains

Distinguishing the Differences Between Sleepout and Humwig

When one dissects and compares integral features such as materials used, additional qualities, and the flexibility of installation methods, Sleepout's superiority becomes evident. Humwig curtains, though they are composed of a UV-resistant Oxford cloth that enables them to provide effective light obstruction, fall short when it comes to offering additional features like sound blocking and thermal insulation. These properties are a standard offering with the Sleepout curtains, underscoring their enhanced value proposition.

Moreover, Sleepout curtains are designed with user convenience in mind. Their care instructions are clearly specified, allowing for machine wash and dry. This clear direction simplifies maintenance for users, which is a stark contrast to Humwig curtains that fail to provide any explicit cleaning guidelines, leaving customers guessing about the best care practices.

The installation process is another point of differentiation. While Humwig curtains adhere to an inside mount method that uses hook and loop strips, Sleepout has a more flexible approach. It offers users the option to hang the curtains both lengthways and widthways. This is made possible due to the use of BPA-free, industrial-strength suction cups, which provide secure attachment while prioritizing user safety.

Finally, when it comes to product packaging and transportation, both curtains include storage bags. However, the Sleepout storage bag is built to be both durable and compact. This consideration further enhances the portability of the product, ensuring convenience for the users and a testament to the thoughtfulness behind every aspect of the Sleepout curtains.

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Sleepout – Unparalleled Quality and Design

In the comparison between Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains and Humwig, the superior quality, innovative design, and additional benefits of Sleepout stand out. These curtains, with their thermal insulation, sound-blocking properties, certified non-toxic materials, and additional convenient carrying bag, set Sleepout as the ultimate blackout solution.

No wonder Sleepout is the most recommended blackout curtain by sleep specialists across North America. So, why wait? Ensure complete darkness, flexibility, and convenience with Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains. Use the promotional code WELCOME10 at checkout to enjoy a special discount. 

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