Sleepout vs ECUCM Portable Blackout Curtains

In today's bustling world, having a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep can feel like a rare luxury. The solution to achieving this often lies in the realm of blackout curtains. We bring to you a detailed comparison of two offerings in this segment - Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains and ECUCM. Despite both being solutions for room darkening, we'll emphasize the advanced features, superior materials, and numerous conveniences of Sleepout Curtains that establish them as the ultimate choice for complete darkness, flexibility, and portability.   

woman putting up high quality blackout curtains

Delving into the Features: Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains vs ECUCM Curtains


Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains



Cotton flocking and soft microfibre finish


Special Features

100% Blackout, Portable, Sound Blocking, Thermally Insulated, Non-Toxic

100% Room Darkening, Free to Cut, 

Additional Inclusions

Carrying bag, BPA-free industrial-strength suction cups

1 curtain, 1 measuring ruler, 42 double-sided stickers, 1 acrylic paint marker, 1 storage bag

Cleaning Instructions

Machine wash cold, machine dry on delicate cycle


What Makes a Superior Portable Blackout Curtain?  

Although both curtains promise complete room darkening and portability, the benefits of Sleepout outshine those of ECUCM in several key aspects.

Sleepout curtains are made of superior Thermaguard™ fabric, which delivers not just excellent blackout capabilities, but also impressive thermal insulation and sound-blocking properties. This standout feature sets them apart from ECUCM, which offers only room darkening. Moreover, Sleepout curtains are OEKO-TEX®, SGS®, and Greenguard® certified, emphasizing their non-toxic nature - an aspect not discussed for ECUCM.

baby with sleepout curtains

Distinguishing Factors: Materials, Additional Qualities, and Installation 

While ECUCM provides 42 double-sided stickers for installation, Sleepout offers versatility with BPA-free industrial-strength suction cups, enabling users to hang the curtains lengthways or widthwise, as many times as they'd like without having to replace any parts. With ECUCM you would have to restock on your attachment method. 

Sleepout curtains come with a durable, compact carrying bag that increases their portability, a feature also provided by ECUCM. However, Sleepout takes the lead in care instructions, allowing machine wash and dry on a delicate cycle, while no cleaning instructions are given for ECUCM.

woman with baby putting up high quality blackout curtains

Sleepout – Excellence and Innovation Combined 

In the comparison between Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains and ECUCM, it is apparent that Sleepout's superior quality, innovative design, and the added benefits triumph. With excellent thermal insulation, sound-blocking properties, and certified non-toxic materials, Sleepout clearly emerges as the ultimate blackout solution.

Sleepout Curtains are, indeed, the most recommended blackout curtains by sleep specialists across North America. So, why wait? Enjoy complete darkness, flexibility, and convenience with Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains. Use the promotional code WELCOME10 at checkout to enjoy a special introductory discount on your purchase.

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