Pick Up Put Down Method: Timeline, Benefits and Common Mistakes

Pick Up Put Down Method: Timeline, Benefits and Common Mistakes

Are you struggling with getting your baby to sleep, and looking for a gentle sleep training technique? You might want to consider the Pick Up Put Down Method. This method has proven to be beneficial for both babies and parents, promoting a healthy sleep routine and improved self-soothing skills. In this blog post, we will explore the Pick Up Put Down Method, discussing what it is, when to start using it, its benefits, how long it takes to work, and common mistakes to avoid. Let's dive in!

Understanding the Pick Up Put Down Method in Depth

The Pick Up Put Down Method is a gentle sleep training technique specifically designed to encourage babies to self-soothe and fall asleep independently. The core concept of this method revolves around picking up your baby when they cry or exhibit signs of distress, comforting and calming them down, and subsequently putting them back down in their crib once they have settled. The underlying principle of this technique is that babies have the capacity to learn to self-soothe and fall asleep on their own without developing negative sleep associations or dependencies on external factors.

In comparison to other sleep training techniques, such as the Cry It Out method or controlled crying, the Pick Up Put Down Method is widely regarded as a more gentle and responsive approach to sleep training. It recognizes and addresses the baby's need for comfort and reassurance, while simultaneously promoting independence and the development of essential self-soothing skills.

When to Start Using the Pick Up Put Down Method 

The Pick Up Put Down Method is generally recommended for babies within the age range of four to six months old. By this stage, most babies have acquired the ability to self-soothe and are prepared for sleep training. However, it is crucial to take into account your baby's individual needs and developmental progress before initiating this method.

Indications that your baby may be ready for sleep training include:
- The ability to independently fall asleep for naps and bedtime without assistance.
- No longer waking up for night feeds and being able to sleep through the night.
- Possessing a predictable sleep schedule and routine that they adhere to consistently.

Before commencing the Pick Up Put Down Method, it is essential to evaluate factors such as your baby's temperament, your parenting style, and the overall schedule and dynamics of your family. It is important to ensure that you have the time, patience, and energy to consistently implement the method in a manner that aligns with your parenting values and beliefs. This will help you create a supportive environment for your baby's sleep training journey.

Benefits of the Pick Up Put Down Method 

The Pick Up Put Down Method offers a plethora of benefits for both babies and their parents. Some of the most significant advantages include:

1. Improved self-soothing skills: By providing comfort when needed and simultaneously encouraging independence, this method assists babies in developing the ability to self-soothe. This newfound skill makes it considerably easier for them to both fall asleep and remain asleep without external intervention.

2. Reduced sleep association dependencies: By eliminating the reliance on external aids, such as rocking or nursing to sleep, babies gradually learn to fall asleep independently. This process significantly reduces their dependency on sleep associations and promotes a healthier sleep pattern.

3. Enhanced parent-baby bonding: The Pick Up Put Down Method enables parents to be responsive to their baby's needs while maintaining a consistent approach. This responsiveness fosters a strong bond and builds trust between parent and child, creating a nurturing and supportive environment.

4. Creation of a consistent bedtime routine: Establishing a predictable sleep routine is essential for successful sleep training. In conjunction with this routine, creating a calm and dark sleep environment further facilitates the process. High-quality blackout curtains, for example, can help block out light and create a soothing sleep space for your baby.

When to Expect the Pick Up Put Down Method to Work

The duration it takes for the Pick Up Put Down Method to work can vary significantly for each baby. On average, it may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for the baby to adapt and start exhibiting signs of progress. Factors that influence the effectiveness of the method include the baby's age, temperament, and the level of consistency with which the technique is implemented.

Signs of progress and improvement in your baby's sleep may manifest as:
- A decrease in crying or fussiness at bedtime.
- Longer stretches of uninterrupted sleep without waking.
- The ability to fall asleep independently without requiring multiple instances of being picked up and soothed.

Common Mistakes while Using the Pick Up Put Down Method

To ensure the success of the Pick Up Put Down Method, it is crucial to avoid these prevalent mistakes:

1. Inconsistency in applying the method: Maintaining consistency is of paramount importance when it comes to sleep training. Adhere to the technique and your established bedtime routine to facilitate your baby's learning and adjustment process.

2. Misinterpreting baby's cues: It is essential to learn to recognize your baby's signals, such as discerning the difference between mere fussiness and genuine distress. Responding appropriately to their needs without compromising the method's effectiveness is key.

3. Overstimulating the baby during pick up: When comforting your baby, endeavor to keep interaction minimal to prevent overstimulation. Gentle pats, soothing whispers, or soft humming are sufficient to calm them down before placing them back in their crib.

4. Prematurely abandoning the technique: Sleep training necessitates time, patience, and perseverance. Refrain from expecting instantaneous results and give the method a fair chance before contemplating alternative approaches. By allowing ample time for the Pick Up Put Down Method to take effect, you maximize the likelihood of achieving successful sleep training outcomes.

You've Got This Mom!

In conclusion, the Pick Up Put Down Method is a gentle and effective sleep training technique that offers numerous benefits for both babies and parents. By promoting self-soothing skills, reducing sleep association dependencies, and fostering a strong parent-baby bond, this method can help your little one establish a healthy sleep routine. Remember to be consistent, patient, and responsive to your baby's cues for the best results.

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