Comparing Portable Blackout Curtains: FMVIOL vs Sleepout Curtains

Creating a peaceful and restful sleep environment is essential for a good night's sleep, and portable blackout curtains play a crucial role in achieving this. In this comparison blog, we will explore two popular portable blackout curtain options: Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains and FMVIOL Portable Blackout Curtains. While both curtains serve the purpose of blocking light, it becomes evident that Sleepout Curtains offer a superior set of features and benefits that make them the ultimate choice for those seeking uninterrupted sleep.

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A Closer Look: Comparing FMVIOL and Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains


Sleepout Curtains


Materials and Care

Cotton flocking and soft microfiber finish. 


Carrying Bag

Durable carrying bag with duffel straps and reinforced zipper.

Not specified


1 year


Additional Qualities

Thermally insulating, sound blocking

Thermaguard™ fabric blocks heat and sound. Non-toxic.

Portable, 100% blackout material, special reinforced Velcro


2 BPA-free industrial-strength suction cups with strong reliable fastener strips.

Fastener strip on curtain attaches to suction cup. 

Velcro installation method with special reinforced Velcro strips

portable blackout curtains

Understanding Your Portable Blackout Curtain Options

FMVIOL curtains require cutting to size upon arrival, which may not guarantee a clean look or easy installation. Additionally, while FMVIOL curtains may block UV rays, they do not provide the same level of blackout performance as Sleepout Curtains. The lack of a carrying bag and limited adhesive tapes in FMVIOL curtains make them less suitable for families constantly on the move. In contrast, Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains offer hassle-free installation with their suction cup technology, and they can be easily carried in the provided duffel bag.

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What Makes a Long-Lasting Blackout Curtain?

While both curtains aim to block light, Sleepout Curtains excel in providing exceptional thermal insulation and sound blocking capabilities. Crafted with Thermaguard™ fabric, Sleepout Curtains effectively block heat and reduce external noise, creating an optimal sleep environment. Furthermore, Sleepout Curtains are certified by reputable organizations, ensuring their quality and non-toxic nature. This supreme quality and care make Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains a guaranteed long-lasting solution. FMVIOL curtains do not offer comparable certifications.

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Main Distinctions Between Sleepout and FMVIOL

  1. Materials and Care: Sleepout Curtains are crafted with cotton flocking and a soft microfiber finish, providing a luxurious touch and exceptional comfort. In contrast, FMVIOL curtains are made of polyester, which may not offer the same level of softness and comfort.
  2. Carrying Bag: Sleepout Curtains come with a durable carrying bag featuring duffel straps and a reinforced zipper, allowing for convenient storage and easy transportation. On the other hand, FMVIOL curtains do not specify the availability of a carrying bag.
  3. Warranty: Sleepout Curtains provide peace of mind with a 1-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and product reliability. FMVIOL curtains, however, do not offer any warranty.
  4. Additional Qualities: Sleepout Curtains are not only 100% blackout, but they also possess thermally insulating and sound blocking properties. The use of Thermaguard™ fabric in Sleepout Curtains effectively blocks heat and reduces external noise. Furthermore, Sleepout Curtains are certified by OEKO-TEX®, SGS®, and Greenguard®, guaranteeing their quality and confirming that they are non-toxic and free from harmful substances. FMVIOL curtains do not offer such certifications.
  5. Installation: Sleepout Curtains utilize 2 BPA-free industrial-strength suction cups with strong reliable fastener strips, allowing for easy installation and unlimited installation possibilities in various travel destinations. FMVIOL curtains feature a fastener strip on the curtain that attaches to a suction cup using a Velcro installation method with special reinforced Velcro strips.

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Happy Sleeping, From Sleepout Curtains. 

In the realm of blackout curtains, Sleepout Curtains truly stand out for their exceptional quality, versatility, and commitment to providing the perfect sleep environment. With their superior materials, convenient carrying bag, multiple set options, warranty coverage, installation versatility, and thoughtful inclusion of additional qualities, Sleepout Curtains offer an unrivaled solution for achieving optimal darkness and tranquility.

Sleepout's suction cup blackout curtains surpasses FMVIOL in several crucial areas. The superior materials, installation versatility, certifications, suction cup qualities, and the added convenience of a carrying bag make Sleepout curtains the clear choice for those seeking optimal blackout performance and overall quality. Consider adding the most recommended blackout curtain by sleep specialists in North America! Use the code WELCOME10 for $10 off.

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