Sleepout vs ENSEPST: Portable Blackout Curtains Feature Comparison

Sleepout vs ENSEPST: Portable Blackout Curtains Feature Comparison

When it comes to creating a peaceful and restful environment for a good night's sleep, portable blackout curtains play a vital role. In this comparison blog, we'll take a look at two portable blackout curtain options: the Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain and the ENSEPST Portable Blackout Curtain. Sleepout is trusted and favored by moms, while ENSEPST has recently come on the market. While both curtains serve the purpose of blocking light, it becomes evident that Sleepout Curtains offer a superior set of features and benefits that make them the ultimate choice for those seeking uninterrupted sleep.

Dissecting the Features: ENSEPST Curtains vs My Portable Blackout Curtains


Sleepout Curtains

ENSEPST Portable Blackout Curtain

Materials and Care

Cotton flocking and soft microfiber finish. Non-toxic.


Care Instructions

Easy Wash 

Cannot Wash 

Carrying Bag

Durable carrying bag with duffel straps and reinforced zipper.

No Bag 


1 year

No Warranty

Additional Qualities

100% Blackout, thermally insulating, sound blocking

UV protection


2 BPA-free industrial-strength suction cups with strong reliable fastener strips.

Fastener strip on curtain attaches to suction cup. 

Velcro installation method with self-adhesive hook and loop tape. 

20 pairs round and 10 pairs square adhesive tapes


woman putting up high quality blackout curtains

A Quick Look at Your Portable Blackout Curtain Options 

EPSENET Curtains require you to cut them to size upon arrival, not guaranteeing a clean look or easy installation. Furthermore, while the material of EPSENET curtains is UV blocking this is not the same as total blackout curtains, such as Sleepout Curtains. Their portability is also called into question, as they do not come with a bag and have a limited number of adhesive tapes, which is not ideal for families constantly on the move. Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains's Suction Cup technology allow for unlimited installations in all of your travel destinations, and can be easily carried in the duffel bag they come in. 

portable blackout curtains

Understanding What Makes a Long-Lasting Portable Blackout Curtain

While both curtains aim to block light, Sleepout Portable Curtains provide exceptional thermal insulation and sound blocking capabilities. Crafted with Thermaguard™ fabric, Sleepout Curtains effectively block heat and reduce external noise, creating an optimal sleep environment. Furthermore, Sleepout Curtains are OEKO-TEX®, SGS®, and Greenguard® certified, guaranteeing their quality and confirming that they are non-toxic and free from harmful substances. This supreme quality and care makes Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains guaranteed to last you for all your travels. The ENSEPST Portable Blackout Curtain does not offer such certifications.

kids jumping on bed with sleepout curtains

Summarizing The Key Differences Between Sleepout and ENSEPST

Size and Adjustability:

The ENSEPST Portable Blackout Curtain offers an extra-large size of 138"x59", which must be cut to fit smaller windows. However, Sleepout Curtains, with their dimensions of 52"x76", are designed to fit most standard windows perfectly. While ENSEPST Portable Blackout Curtain requires cutting and adjusting, Sleepout Curtains offer hassle-free installation without the need for customization.

Material and Care:

The ENSEPST Portable Blackout Curtain is made of polyester, which may not provide the same level of comfort and softness as Sleepout Curtains. Sleepout Curtains, on the other hand, feature a premium construction with cotton flocking and a soft microfiber finish. These materials not only ensure a luxurious touch but also make the curtains machine washable, allowing for easy maintenance.

Installation Versatility and Stability:

The ENSEPST Portable Blackout Curtain utilizes self-adhesive hook and loop tape for installation. While this method may be convenient, it lacks the versatility and stability of the Sleepout Curtains' installation process. Sleepout Curtains feature fastener strips on both the long and short ends, allowing for easy installation in any direction. Additionally, Sleepout Curtains come with industrial-strength suction cups that can attach to glass doors and atypically shaped windows, providing unparalleled versatility and stability.

Warranty and Sets Available:

Sleepout Curtains provide peace of mind with a 1-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and product reliability. Additionally, Sleepout Curtains are available in various sets, including 1-pack, 2-pack, and 4-pack options, allowing users to outfit multiple rooms with ease. The ENSEPST Portable Blackout Curtain lacks such versatility and comes only as a single unit.

baby with sleepout curtains

Happy Sleeping, With Sleepout. 

While both the ENSEPST Portable Blackout Curtain and Sleepout Curtains serve the purpose of blocking light, it is clear that Sleepout Curtains offer a superior set of features that make them the superior option for achieving a restful sleep environment. With their versatile installation, premium materials, portability, additional qualities, certifications, and warranty, Sleepout Curtains provide an unbeatable blackout solution.

Sleepout's suction cup blackout curtains surpasses ENSEPST in several crucial areas. The superior materials, installation versatility, certifications, suction cup qualities, and the added convenience of a carrying bag make Sleepout curtains the clear choice for those seeking optimal blackout performance and overall quality. Consider adding the most recommended blackout curtain by sleep specialists in North America! Use the code WELCOME10 for $10 off.

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