Double the Darkness: Combining Blackout Curtains with Blackout Shades

The relentless pursuit of a perfect night's sleep and a dark, serene room during the daytime has led many to explore various light-blocking solutions. Dual-layering blackout curtains with blackout shades not only optimizes the darkness but also enhances the aesthetic and provides additional thermal insulation. Here’s why combining Sleepout's Home Blackout Curtains with blackout shades might just be the sleep solution you've been looking for.

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Why Double Up?

While either blackout curtains or shades can significantly reduce the amount of light entering a room, pairing them together can close the gap—literally. Even the best blackout curtains or shades alone might leave tiny gaps along the edges or at the top and bottom, depending on the window and how they are installed. Combining these two creates an almost impenetrable barrier for light, providing an ideal environment for anyone requiring total darkness for sleep or privacy.

Optimal Light Blockage

By installing both blackout curtains and shades, you essentially double the layers against light penetration. This is especially beneficial for shift workers, parents of young children, and individuals sensitive to light. The added layer also helps in muffling outside noise, creating a quieter, more tranquil space conducive to relaxation or focus.

Before and After Blackout Curtains

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The benefits of doubling up aren’t just confined to darkening a room. The additional layers offer better insulation against heat or cold, maintaining a more consistent room temperature. During winter, they keep the warmth in, and in the summer, they block out the heat. This insulation can lead to substantial energy savings and a more eco-friendly home.

Steps for Effective Installation

To maximize effectiveness, install the blackout shades right against the window glass followed by the blackout curtains. Ensure that both fit your window measurements accurately to minimize gaps. Here are simple steps:

  • Measure your windows carefully both widthwise and heightwise.
  • Choose blackout shades that can be mounted inside the window frame for a flush fit.
  • Install blackout curtains on a rod that extends beyond the window frame, so they cover the window completely when closed.
  • Opt for dark-colored curtains and shades to improve light absorption.
  • Regularly clean both to maintain their aesthetic appearance and functional integrity.

Combining Style and Function

With Sleepout Homeorekzoufk Curtgps, choose from a variety of styles and colors that do not compromise the beauty of your interiors for functionality. These curtains are not only effective but also come with stylish options to complement any room decor.

Mother with Baby and Curtains


While investing in both blackout curtains and shades might seem like an added expense, the combined benefits of enhanced darkness, noise reduction, and energy efficiency can provide a significant return on investment. The conducive sleep environment created by implementing both not only aids in better sleep but could lead to improved overall health and productivity. Redefine your home environment by doubling the darkness for a perfect retreat.

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