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Made from Sleepout® 100% Blackout Fabric, works on any window.

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The Easy Way to Sleep in Darkness.

Whether it's early sunrises, bright street lights or daytime heat - Sleepout is here to help!

We invented Sleepout®️ Portable Blackout Curtains to darken any room in seconds. Just lock our 100% Blackout fabric onto the glass of your windows for better sleep - without the hassle of custom ordering and installing heavy blinds.

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What Makes Sleepout® Blackout Different?

Sleepout® Blackout Fabric is OEKO-TEX® certified and blocks 100% of light.

Other so-called "blackout" fabrics usually only block 70-80% of light and use a chemical film that off-gasses chemical odors when in direct sunlight.

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What Made Sleepout®️ Fabric the #1 Recommended?

Sleepout® Blackout Fabric is guaranteed 100% Blackout and certified non-toxic, free from harmful substances and free from PFAS.

Why Should I Use Sleepout®️?

Join our community of over 50,000 families using Sleepout®️ to get better sleep. With every curtain you get:

1. Guaranteed authentic Sleepout®️ Fabric certified 100% Blackout and OEKO-TEX®️

2. Lifetime support from our Blackout Experts

3. 365 Day Warranty for a free replacement

4. 30 Day trial period for a money-back return

How do Your Curtains Control Tempature?

Sleepout®️ Blackout Fabric has a white backing layer that is HOA-approved and reflects sunlight back outside to stop bedrooms from overheating. In the cold, the thickness of our fabric keeps the cold drafts out and muffles outside noise. You can save 30% or more on your energy bill by using Sleepout®️ Fabric on your windows.

What's Your Return Policy?

If you're unhappy with your experience, we'll find a solution for you. All of our blackout curtain products can be returned or exchanged within 7 days in the USA & Canada.

Are Your Curtains Easy to Install?

Our Sleepout®️ Portable installs in less than 30 seconds on any glass window. Our Sleepout®️ Home Curtains work with all curtain rods. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help with installations.

What Curtain is Right for Me?

Sleepout® Blackout Curtains come with full lifetime support from our Blackout Experts and we are here to help you find the best way to darken your room. Send an email with what window you'd like to cover to our team and we will make a recommendation.

Generally, Sleepout®️ Portable works best on Single-Pane Windows and Sleepout®️ Home is ideal for wider windows.