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Sleepout helped 10,000+ improve their sleep

Make Your Room Pitch Black & Help Your Child Get The Best Sleep Of Their Life

Sleepout are portable 100% blackout curtains that block out light and help your little one fall asleep any time of the day

Completely block external light

Stop interrupting your sleep

You can bring it anywhere


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Sleepout Helps Your Child Sleep By Blocking 100% Of Sunlight

Sleepout works wonderfully in my daughters room, keeps the light out - especially during her daytime naps when the sun is at it's peak in our home.

Leslianne L. H.

Verified Buyer

Whether it's early sunrises, bright street lights or daytime heat keeping you awake - Sleepout is here to help!

We invented Sleepout®️ Portable Blackout Curtains to darken any room in seconds.

Just lock our 100% Blackout fabric onto the glass of your windows for better sleep - without the hassle of custom ordering and installing heavy blinds.

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Sleepout Curtains

10,000+ are using Sleepout to sleep better

It Fits Any Window Or Glassdoor

A Completely Dark Room In 3 Simple Steps

Sleepout Curtains stay up all night, so you don't have to!

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Step 1

Unpack and apply suction cups to any window

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Step 2

Easily hang your curtains in just 30 seconds

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Step 3

Block 100% of light and have a restful sleep!

The Most Affordable Blackout Curtains On The Market

Our products go from Sleepout Headquarters to your doorstep – delivered for free. This lets us cut down on retail costs and offer premium blackout curtains at a fraction of the price.

Until Sleepout, premium blackout fabric has only ever been available through home furnishing providers that charge unfair prices and take months to deliver.

On the other hand, the common blackout curtains available at big-name stores aren’t even fully blackout, contain PFAS and toxic other chemicals that off-gas into homes.

Since our first year in business, Sleepout has been the most search blackout curtain and the highest rated fabric.

Why Sleepout Is One Step Ahead

Blocks 100% of light

Has no chemicals

Odor free

Can be set up in 30 seconds

Fits all types of window


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Sleep Experts Recommend Sleepout

Sleepout helped 10,000+ improve their sleep

Better quality sleep with

Sleepout Blackout Curtains

Sleepout are portable 100% blackout curtains that block out light and help your little one fall asleep any time of the day

Completely blocks external light

Uninterrupted sleep anytime

You can bring it anywhere



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Got Questions?

How does it work?

Sleepout Portable uses patent-pending suction technology that allows it to stay up on any window as long as you want.

We use the highest-quality 100% blackout fabric that is lightweight and easy to install and adjust as needed.

Yep! There are fastener strips on the long and short ends so you can install the Sleepout Portable both ways.

Yes! Simply install the Sleepout Portable behind your blinds, between the blinds and the glass of your window to totally block out any light.