Can I iron my panels?

If your Sleepout Home panels have creases, this is normal. They’re created during travel! Leave your curtains hanging for a couple of hours to let the creases work themselves out, or steam them for faster (and very satisfying) results. 

Will these work with screens/blinds/shutters?

Yes, yes, and yes! Because Sleepout Home is installed above your window rather than on it (like Sleepout Portable), this is a great option for windows with pre-installed blinds or shutters, etc. The Sleepout Home Rod sits 1.5” out from the window, so as long as the panels will clear whatever is underneath them, you’re good to go.

How do I wash my panels?

We get it; accidents happen, especially when we're talking cream white curtains. No worries, Sleepout Home panels are easy to wash! Machine wash on a cold setting, and hang to dry with the light side (liner side) up on a rounded line - the rounded line will avoid damage to the blackout fabric, and hanging it liner-side up will prevent fading.  

How do I tuck in the top of the panels?

The top fabric should be loosely tucked in all the way, so no edges are sticking out. Make sure there is no space between the wall and your fabric for best results!

The middle of my curtains won’t close all the way. 

If you’re using two (or more) panels, you might notice a gap between them. While the panel’s can’t overlap with each other, you should be able to get the seams lined up for the best possible coverage.

How many panels per curtain rod?

Up to you! And the size of your windows. Too many panels will make the curtains a bit harder to open and close, so we recommend extending the curtain rod when installing more than two panels at a time. The most important thing is making sure you have enough panels to cover your window, since the Rod can expand if need be!

How many panels should I buy?

 Each single panel measures 50" x 84", so plan according to the size of your window. We recommend extending the rod slightly past the edges of your window for the most effective light blocking, so make sure you have enough coverage if you want the ultimate blackout effect.

How high should I install my curtain rod?

This is a personal preference; how high are your windows? Where would you ideally like the curtains to sit in relation to the floor? The more they hang below the window, the less light will come in from the bottom of the curtains, so keep that in mind if you have some wiggle room in terms of installation. 

Do you offer different sizes?

Sleepout Home panels come in one size, but they’re totally alterable. We recommend using upholstery thread if you're going the DIY-route; this will help prevent fraying, and hold up better with the extra-strong coated fabric. You can also add multiple panels to one curtain rod if you're looking for width rather than length.