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Sleepout helped 10,000+ improve their sleep

5 Reasons Why Parents Everywhere Are Choosing Sleepout for Better Sleep

The revolutionary portable blackout curtain that's transforming sleep for families.


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1. Sleepout creates the perfect sleep environment for you

Sleepout's 100% blackout material blocks out all light, creating the ideal conditions for deep, restful sleep:

Simulates nighttime darkness, even during the day

Helps regulate circadian rhythms for better sleep patterns

Promotes a calm and peaceful environment for children and adults

"I was struggling to get my baby to nap during the day. Sleepout made it so easy to create a dark, peaceful environment, and now my little one sleeps like a dream!"

- Sarah

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2. It's easy to use and you can bring it anywhere

Sleepout is designed with portability and ease of use in mind.

It’s lightweight and compact for easy packing and travel. The Suction cups allow for quick and easy installation on any window, and its adjustable size fits a variety of window dimensions

"We travel a lot, and it's always been a hassle to get our kids to sleep in new places. With Sleepout, we can create a familiar sleep environment no matter where we are!"

- Mark

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3. It helps you improve your sleep quality & duration

Studies show that darkened environments lead to better sleep quality and longer sleep duration. Sleepout makes it easy to achieve these benefits:

Helps children fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

Reduces nighttime wakings and early morning wake-ups

Promotes more restorative and rejuvenating sleep

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4. Durable & safe for the whole family

Sleepout is made with high-quality, child-safe materials that are built to last.

Its thick, durable fabric withstands daily use and frequent washing. It’s non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe sleep environment.

And additionally, it’s machine-washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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5. Trusted by sleep experts and parents alike

Sleepout has earned the trust and recommendation of sleep experts and parents worldwide.

It’s been endorsed by pediatricians, sleep specialists, and child development experts, and it has 10,000 five-star reviews from satisfied parents.

"As a sleep expert and mom of 3, I'm thrilled with Sleepout curtains! They offer a non-invasive solution to help children and adults improve their sleep quality!"

- Rachael Shepard-Ohta

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Sleep Experts Recommend Sleepout

10,000+ are using Sleepout to sleep better

Sleepout helped 10,000+ improve their sleep

Better quality sleep with

Sleepout Blackout Curtains

Sleepout are portable 100% blackout curtains that block out light and help your little one fall asleep any time of the day

Completely blocks external light

Uninterrupted sleep anytime

You can bring it anywhere



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Got Questions?

How does it work?

Sleepout Portable uses patent-pending suction technology that allows it to stay up on any window as long as you want.

We use the highest-quality 100% blackout fabric that is lightweight and easy to install and adjust as needed.

Yep! There are fastener strips on the long and short ends so you can install the Sleepout Portable both ways.

Yes! Simply install the Sleepout Portable behind your blinds, between the blinds and the glass of your window to totally block out any light.