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The Sleepout Crib Mattress

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Better sleep, instantly. Our ultra-safe natural crib mattress has a thermo-bonded core made from a blend of natural fibres, and comes with a beautiful, breathable, washable bamboo cover. 

With ultra-safe high density firmness recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics, our soft & breathable 5" thick mattress is Greenguard Gold® certified, free from harmful chemicals and substances.

Why the Sleepout Crib Mattress?

🌿 Greenguard Gold certified no harmful chemicals
🐑 Made from natural cotton, wool, & polyester fibres
❄️ Breathable, cooling, & hypo-allergenic
🧺 Machine washable & stain-resistant
↔ Never compressed for child safety


• 5" thermo-bonded core made from a blend of natural cotton, wool, & polyester fibres

• Breathable, machine washable hypoallergenic bamboo cover with zipper cover & super-soft quilting

• OEKO-TEX®, SGS®, and Greenguard® certified non-toxic and free from harmful substances or chemicals

• Firmness recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics


• Measures 27.5”x 52” x 5”

• Fits standard-sized cribs, toddler beds, & Montessori floor beds

• Precision-cut thermo-bonded core with high-density firmness recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics

• Weight: 7.5 lbs

A better mattress — made from materials you recognize.

Everyone deserves a good night’s rest — especially our little ones. That’s why we’ve crafted our Sleepout Crib Mattress to be safe, breathable, long-lasting, and comfortable — from familiar materials and without harmful substances.

It’s a 100% breathable mattress made from a blend of cotton, wool, and polyester fibres. The high-density core is thermo-bonded, with no chemical flame retardants, petroleum-based foams, fiberglass, or adhesives to bind the layers. The cotton and wool fibres carry all the benefits of their organic properties, so it naturally sleeps cool. And the high-density core delivers the breathable support growing bodies need.

We chose a breathable bamboo outer cover because of its softness, temperature-regulating capabilities, natural stain resistance, hypo-allergenic properties, and long-term durability. It’s even GREENGUARD GOLD® Certified — a standard of safety so high only mattresses with absolutely zero toxins can qualify.

Bonded fibre core
The Telegraph
BPA Free

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  • High-density core from natural fibres

    Our crib mattress is made differently. Unlike foam mattresses or those made with multiple layers, which can often contain fibreglass or require adhesives to be held together, our crib mattress is made from fibres only, for a perfect-density core & super-soft cover, both including only the materials on the label.

  • Breathable, cooling bamboo cover

    We chose bamboo for its softness, temperature-regulating capabilities, natural stain resistance, hypo-allergenic properties, and long-term durability. The mattress has a beautiful, temperature regulating, bamboo cover that is naturally stain-resistant and machine washable.

  • Natural materials, certified safe

    A gorgeous, comfortable, and breathable mattress made of a thermo-bonded core blend using natural cotton & wool fibres, bonded together will a small amout of polyester. NO foam, glue, latex or springs, so your baby will enjoy a cleaner, hypoallergenic sleep.

  • Long lasting & machine washable

    Made to grow with your child from infant to toddler and beyond, the Sleepout Crib Mattress comes with a 15-year manufacturer's warranty. The bamboo cover is machine-washable and quick to dry (a testament to its breathability), ready to support your little one's growth through everything.

  • Never compressed, shipped full size

    While the popularity of bed-in-a-box means many crib mattresses are compressed before shipping, we ship our crib mattress uncompressed to completely prevent risk of deformities or uneven decompression that could cause harm to your child.

  • Precisely constructed with the details in mind

    Made with state-of-the-art technology and precision-cut to snugly fit standard cribs & toddler beds without any gaps, we prioritized safety in designing and making the Sleepout Crib Mattress. So your little one can sleep safe, breezy, and easy — and you can do the same.

  • 1. Fibres collected and thermo-bonded

    Starting with pure cotton, wool, and polyester, the fibres are spun together and thermo-bonded into a high-density core.

  • 2. High-density core precision cut to size

    The high-density core material is cut to precise measurements by a computer-guided machine to fit standard-sized cribs.

  • 3. Hand-sewn bamboo cover

    Imported from Europe, our beautiful bamboo fabric is hand-sewn and zipped up over the high-density mattress core.

  • 4. Shipped to your door uncompressed

    We never compress our mattresses, since uneven decompression poses a risk. The mattress ships to your door ready to use.

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Why we made this

When we started Sleepout, we were surprised by the problems with so many home & baby sleep products. We realized a few important things while designing our mattress.

While it's cheaper for companies to condense mattresses for shipping, inconsistencies mean children could be harmed while sleeping on a mattress that's not fully expanded. We also learned that foam mattresses often contain fibreglass and polyurethane, which offgases VOCs that can be harmful to developing children.

That's why we developed our natural crib mattress from materials you recognize. It's free of toxins, precisely crafter, and never compressed for ultimate safety. So your little one can get a better sleep with the natural support they need.

Bonded fibre core
The Telegraph
BPA Free
  • Natural, breathable materials

    An inner core made from a blend of natural fibres you actually recognize, and a super-soft, breathable, luxurious bamboo cover.

  • Made differently, made to last

    Thermally bonded to a pediatrician-recommended density and machine-cut to precise measurements to grow with your child and support them as they grow.

  • 100% Certified safe

    Greenguard GOLD Certified toxin-free, no harmful substances. No foam, fibreglass, adhesives, or chemicals. Shipped uncompressed, ready to use right away.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Hanna A.
Don’t sleep on this mattress.

I had decision paralysis. I knew I wanted a mattress with natural materials but the overwhelming amount of information can make it hard to choose. I chose this one because of the way it’s made, value for price, and the way the Sleepout folks handled my questions. They were receptive and responsive, and once it arrived, I loved opening up the cover and seeing the core made of cotton and wool instead of bleach-white foam and other materials I don’t recognize. My child sleeps very well on this mattress — and even better, so do I! Just get it. You won’t regret.

Beth W.
Totally worth it!!

There is literally nothing I would change about this mattress, it’s amazing. When I saw Sleepout came out with a crib mattress, I was immediately curious. Bamboo, no foam, shipped uncompressed (I didn’t think to question that!), incredible! The only reservation I had before purchasing was whether the cover, marketed as “stain resistant”, would hold up if my little girl had an accident. Well, she did, and not only did the cover wash perfectly, it dried quickly AND stopped anything from getting through. I am so happy I decided to purchase this for my daughter. I am pregnant with #2 and my next one will be sleeping on it after her!

Don Z.
Great mattress for the price

Great mattress for the price. Others of similar quality would cost upwards of $1000. I have looked.

Deb C.
Excellent value

This is a great mattress, better than most that cost twice as much. The right mix of firm and cozy and sized to fit snug into our crib. Would highly recommend.

Better nights, happier days.

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