Sleepout Instructions & Videos

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  • 1. Lock the suction cups in place.

    Make sure the suction cups are unlocked and the handle is raised. Press them onto your window and firmly press the handle down to lock them in place at the top corners of your window.

  • 2. Press the curtain to the cups.

    After locking on the suction cups, install the curtain by pressing the black strips onto the lip of the suction cups and let it hang over your window

  • 3. Block light bleeds.

    Roll in the extra fabric or use Sleepout Strips to attach the velcro of the curtain to the wall.

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Unboxing your Sleepout Curtain

We can't wait for you to open your Sleepout Curtain for the first time. Each bag contains a 100% blackout Sleepout Curtain, an insert (please see updates below), and a box with two locking suction cups. Since everything is packed tight for transit, you will notice creases in your Sleepout Curtain - that's to be expected. We recommend either ironing or letting your Sleepout Curtain hang for a few hours to get the creases from transit out. 

Using the suction cups

The suction cups work best on clean and dry glass surfaces. The suction cups are best installed at room temperature (they handle temperature fluctuations well, but form a better seal when warm). Make sure to install them sloping section up, and push them in towards the glass while pressing the lever down.

Installing your Sleepout Curtain

Simply lock the suction cups onto your window, press the curtain to the cups (pull taut to stop light bleeds at the top), and it's up!

Folding your Sleepout Curtain & putting it back into the bag

We get a lot of questions about how to fold up the Sleepout Curtain. The short answer is: in half! Many times. Once it's about the size of a large book, roll it up like a hot dog (longways), and put it back into the bag for easy carrying.

Small windows & extra fabric

You can install your Sleepout Curtain on a small window. Put the suction cups in the top upper corners and press the curtain to the cups - we usually do this in the middle of the fabric. Then, take the extra fabric on the outsides and roll it in towards the suction cups. This will keep it looking neat & tidy, and help block light bleeds.

Large windows & combining two Sleepout Curtains

You can also combine multiple Sleepout Curtains on larger windows! Starting on one side, install the Sleepout Curtain like normal. When you get to the middle suction cup, leave space for both curtains to attach. We recommend folding back the first one and allowing the second one to overlap. Continue to install as usual. 

Still have questions? Reach out, we'll get right back to you!