Why Do Babies Sleep with their butt in the air

Why Do Babies Sleep With Their Butt In The Air

There could be several positions and reasons why your baby sleeps with their butt in the air. There is not much scientific evidence behind the reasons and for the most part is of very little concern. The only concern is if your baby rolls on their tummy for extended periods of time due to the increased prevalence of sudden infant death syndrome. There are two main reasons why babies sleep with their butts in the air. 


One major reason babies sleep in this position is because it’s comfortable. It may not look comfortable to you, but to a baby that has spent a considerable amount of time in the womb this position may feel more natural than lying flat on their back. 


“Imagine sleeping in one position for 240 days straight then being told that you need to change that position”


Along the lines of comfort, this position can also allow babies to release gas that’s stored in their body. When babies first begin eating solid foods, their digestive systems are not prepared! This can lead to indigestion, cramps and built up gas. While this position may not be the most efficient at releasing gas, it can help nonetheless. 

There are exercises that you can do before bedtime to help release some of the gas trapped inside your baby. There are also some natural remedies that can help relieve gas caused by indigestion allowing your baby to sleep. 

Reminds them of the womb

This position reminds your baby of being in the womb. Babies that are used to sleeping in the same position in the womb often revert back to it after birth. For your baby, this position is all they know and this position can calm them down allowing them to sleep. Overtime, as you begin to sleep train your baby they will become more comfortable sleeping on their back.

Another way to remind babies of the womb to help them sleep is by swaddling them. Swaddling is also a super effective strategy that you can use to help you baby fall asleep without being held.


Is It Dangerous For Babies to Sleep In This Position?

The only reason why this position could be dangerous for babies is because of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is known as being a sudden cause of death in an otherwise healthy baby often during sleep. One potential cause of death could be due to suffocation.

When babies are first born, their neck and head muscles are not well developed and begin to develop over the course of the next couple months and year. This poses a risk as if babies lie face down, they may not be able to get out of this position.

If your baby does sleep you should keep in mind the benefits vs the risks. The benefit is that the baby is FINALLY sleeping however, the risk is also quite scary. It’s always a good idea to monitor your baby whenever they are sleeping in this position and to try and steer them towards being more comfortable in a position where they are on their back (as this is the safest position for SIDS). 

Alas, here is some good news. When babies hit around 4 months old, they can start to develop the muscle coordination to roll themselves over. This can reduce the risk of SIDS as SIDS is most common when babies are 2-4 months old.

Once your baby can comfortably roll from their back to stomach and stomach to back then the risk is much lower. However, despite this reduced risk, always talk with your pediatrician to keep your risk of SIDS as low as possible!


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