Sleepout Shoutout Jennifer

Sleepout Shoutout - Jennifer

Today we are starting a new segment on the blog called Sleepout Shoutout! In these shoutouts, we give one of our customers an opportunity to share their sleep story to help anyone that could be going through a similar situation. 

Every sleep story is different and what works for you may not work for others, so these tips may not directly apply to your situation but they could shake the tree and allow you to explore new ideas that will! In the end, find what works for you and discard the rest. 

Let’s get into our first Sleepout Shoutout which is Jennifer. Jennifer is a medical writer with a Master’s in Public Health, is a certified Health Education Specialist and a licensed pharmacy technician that lives in Glen Allen Virginia. She is currently raising her 8 month old daughter, Isabel and her almost 2 year old cavapoochon, Goliath. 


Without further ado, let’s hear about Jennifer’s experience from her perspective.


What Has Your Relationship With Sleep Been Like?

Personally, I’ve always had pain from sleeping, whether it’s been sleeping in weird positions and hurting my neck and back or from grinding my teeth and giving myself headaches. It’s been a pain both literally and figuratively to find a pillow that supports me during sleep! 


"My biggest misconception about sleep is thinking that more is better"


More does not mean better. Sleep quality can be more important than sleep quantity. In fact, the worst sleep of my life was while I was pregnant and I actually slept better once the baby was born! 


What Has Been The Most Difficult Sleep Issue For Your Baby?

My baby hates naps. She has her whole life. Up until she was 6 months old, she really fought against daytime naps. 


"It would take 2 hours to get her to nap for 7 minutes"


Eventually I became too frustrated and decided to hire a part time nanny to help me. I was also so exhausted and had back pain from constantly lifting her as well as from rocking her to sleep. In order to fall asleep, she needed certain songs in a certain order, so her curated playlist had to be exact. In fact, some of the songs on this playlist were from the lyrical geniuses, the Migos as well as the national anthem by Whitney Huston. 

Our issue has always been about napping. My daughter has never had any issues sleeping through the night so I felt like I couldn’t complain but I was just so exhausted and in pain everyday because everyday was dedicated to getting her to nap so she could continue to sleep through the nights. This proved to be very difficult and as a result I couldn’t get anything done! I felt like my days were completely focused on trying to get her to nap!

The Hatch, (which most of you would probably know of and/or use right now) did not work for her until her sleep cycles connected which was when she was around 6 months old. Despite all of this difficulty, there were several strategies that I used that managed to help her take naps. The first thing was blackout curtains to help darken her room (the goal was to prevent light from hitting her eyes), the second thing was creating several music playlists (we made more than one and used certain playlists depending on her mood) and the third thing was rocking her a certain way for months. I also used red light bulbs to help her sleep through the night when she was a newborn (the first three months of her life). The red light was chosen because experts have said that red light doesn’t affect melatonin production and allows babies to sleep.


"To other parents going through my situation the advice that I would give is to get help! Try everything then keep trying. Eventually something will work! If not for the baby, then for you and your sanity".


Through this experience, I learned to not obsess over my daughter’s sleep as much. If I could go back and relive the situation with the knowledge that I have now, I would tell myself to let her sleep whenever she wanted. I also say that I ideally would have wanted to wear her more but given my back pain I don’t know if that would have been possible. I also would have gotten help much sooner and hired a part time nanny.


Thank you 

Jennifer’s story is amazing and demonstrates the length that mothers will go to help their baby thrive. We hope that this story not only inspired you but also allowed you to relate to the difficulties that Jennifer has faced and will continue to face. From everyone here at Sleepout we want to thank Jennifer for being vulnerable and giving everyone a little peek into her life! Follow Jennifer on her socials!

Instagram: @jennog_

Twitter: @realJennOG


At the end of the day, we want this Sleepout Shoutout to be a platform to feature your stories. Everyone has a sleep story and we want to hear it!


If you want your story to be featured please email us at 


Who knows? Maybe your story could help someone that needs advice...


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