Blackout Curtains For A Nursery | Peaceful Sleep Happy Baby

Blackout Curtains For A Nursery | Peaceful Sleep Happy Baby

There are lots of differences between newborn babies, babies, children and adults. Newborn babies (less than 10 weeks of age) do not have an internal clock established. This means that their sleep is equally distributed between the day and night.

After 10 weeks, their internal clock starts to develop allowing you to help sleep train them using certain habits. 


    How Dark Should Your Baby's Room Be?

    The answer is as dark as possible. The most recommended solution from sleep specialists are high quality 100% blackout curtains.

    During normal sleep cycles there is a period of light sleeping termed "semiwakefulness" in which light or sound can cause awakening. Babies and younger children have a higher sensitivity to light and noise as their born eyesight is between 20/200 and 20/400.

    Light can also be harmful as exposure prevents the release of melatonin (a hormone that controls sleep onset and sleep duration).


      Are Blackout Curtains Bad For Babies? 

      Blackout curtains are safe for babies as they allow them to not only sleep longer but fall asleep faster! Nightlights and toys could be a reason why your baby or child cannot sleep.


          Most nightlights use blue light which can keep babies awake for longer!



            During the day bedrooms and nurseries become a place of play time. However, at night the toys that litter the ground could become a source of distraction.

            By removing these distractions it can allow your babies and children to have a more peaceful sleep promoting environment. 

                The Best Blackout Curtains For Your Nursery

                There are several characteristics that your nursery blackout curtains must have. The Sleepout Blackout Curtain has all of these features and more! 
                  sleepout blackout curtain

                  100% Blackout Fabric

                    Fabric is the most important factor when choosing blackout curtains. Lots of companies will claim that their product is "blackout" when in reality it is made from lower quality woven fabric. 

                    This woven fabric is 80-90% blackout leaving pockets of light to shine through. Always look for 3-pass coated blackout as this is guaranteed to be 100% blackout. 


                      High-Quality Non-Toxic Fabric

                        Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be released from blackout curtains when exposed to heat or light. Always look for independent certifications such as Greenguard, OEKO-TEX-100 and SGS.

                        The Sleepout Blackout Curtain has all three of these certifications and more!


                          Ease of Installation and Strong Suction Cups

                            A blackout solution is only as good as the device used to mount it.The best blackout curtains reduce stress during the installation process and provide peace of mind that they will stay up all night (or for a nap).

                            The Sleepout Blackout Curtain comes with industrial strength suction cups that will keep up the blackout fabric until you decide to remove it. 


                                Portability adds another dimension to improving your baby's sleep. It provides reassurance that no matter where you are, your baby will always be able to get a good rest in any room!

                                If you unsure as to why you need a portable blackout curtain we wrote a post about it!

                                  Sound Proofing 

                                    The 3-pass coated blackout curtains provide a degree of sound proofing. 

                                    Reducing noise in a baby's sleeping area will only improve their sleep quality and duration.


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                                      What is the most important feature that you look for in blackout curtains?

                                      Would you consider purchasing a 100% blackout curtain to help improve your baby or child's sleep?


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