Blackout blinds with suction cups

Blackout Blinds With Suction Cups

Blackout curtains are only as effective as the device used to hold them up. It’s natural when looking at blackout blinds to only take into account the quality of the fabric. While this is 100% necessary, this causes the suction cups to be overlooked. The result is that there is very little innovation being made to address this issue. Thus, today we will cover the ideal features every blackout blind suction cup should have. 

Why Have There Been No Changes to Blackout Curtain Suction Cups?

Blackout curtains have only risen in popularity since the early 2000s due to the scientific literature understanding the role that light plays in regulating our internal clocks. If you are interested in understanding the science behind why light can affect our circadian rhythms click here

As a rising market, there is no change or disruption until something revolutionary shifts business models to start focusing on innovation instead of the status quo. That being said, there have been many changes to the suction cup since it was first produced however, for the most part, many of these changes have not made their way into the industry. 

Until Now... 

The Best Features Every Suction Cup Should Have

Each of these features is based on the Sleepout Blackout Curtain suction cup. Each of these elements were carefully designed to not only optimize suction cups as we know it but to also take into account other factors that traditional suction cups ignore.  


Suction cup features for a 100% blackout curtain that are very important for its function



Strength is one of the most important features that every suction cup should strive to be the best at. At the end of the day, no matter how you frame it, a suction cup is designed to hold objects up and if it cannot do that then it's useless.  

Adjustability and Adaptability 

There are so many different sized windows and your blackout curtain should be able to cover most if not all of them! A major factor that will determine whether your blackout curtain can effectively block light is the adjustability and adaptability of your suction cups. 

Some blackout curtains are designed to have their suction cups in one location and that’s it! While this may work for some people, it does not work for everyone and that is a problem! You should be able to choose where the suction cups go on your window to create a solution that works best for you.   


One of the worst feelings in the world is being awoken from peaceful slumber because one suction cup decided to give out causing your room to light up within seconds. That being said, reliability is something that cannot be compromised.

Reliability and strength go hand in hand often if a suction cup lacks strength it will be incredibly unreliable. When it comes to sleep, the last thing you need to be stressing about is whether your blackout solution will stay up. 

“Stress/anxiety and sleep do NOT go hand in hand”.   

The question then becomes, is it worth it to buy a cheaper product but not have the guarantee that it will work 100% of the time?

A Well Designed Locking Mechanism 

For the most part, many blackout curtains use suction cups that only stick when you forcefully press them against a window. A strongly designed locking mechanism GUARANTEES that your blackout curtain will stay up until YOU decide to take it down!


 blackout blinds with industrial strength suction cups

This just adds to both the strength and reliability of the suction cup as you know that it will stay up when it's locked in. 


Suction cups should be designed to last. Durability actively reduces stress by providing peace of mind that your blackout curtains will stay up. You should not have to compromise your sleep because suction cups don’t work after a couple uses. 


One element of suction cups that is commonly overlooked is how they are a safety issue for young children and babies! Suction cups in projectile toys can block airways leading to suffocation and asphyxiation. In fact there have been several recalls for toys that can present as choking hazards due to the ability of their suction cups to detach.


“Did you know that some suction cups for blackout curtains can actually be a choking hazard to children under 3 years old?” 

The last product that you want to be a safety hazard are blackout curtains for your nursery! Children and baby safety is the most important factor for a suction cup as they are the future! That being said, check out our post on the important features a blackout curtain should have if it’s going to be in your nursery!


baby chewing on the sleepout suction cup

The suction cups that come with the Sleepout Blackout Curtain are not only safe, but if you teach you baby or child how to lock it on a window, it will become a toy that they will happily play with for hours!


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